Key Features

In a world where time is money, businesses are using incredibly inventive ways to present their producs and services efficiently.

spheroVision is creating exciting opportunities for business owners. With the advent of the internet we can, for example, go online and locate a restuarant in our local area and now with spheroVision, we can enjoy a 360o virtual tour from the comfort of our own home.  We can feel the ambiance of the venue before we make that final decision to book a seat.  In fact, we can even choose our seat during our online, 'Virtual Tour' experience.

Some Key Features:

  • High-Quality Virtual Tours keep your prospect engaged on your website longer; thereby increasing sales.
  • Easy to embed in your website which minimizes the cost of updating your 'Pano' files
  • Separates your site from nearly all other competition
  • Great for Social media like 'Facebook and Twitter', where you can create a 'pre-launch' of your new site.
  • Low cost, with typical Panos (virtual tour video files) costing less than a newspaper ad.
  • Unique Layout controls allow you to configure your layout without having to do math or ever create a 'broken' layout.
  • Low cost and increased resultant sales means that your 'Panos' dont cost you anything in the longer term, in fact they will increase sales and brand awareness.

Applications of 360 degree virtual tours and presentations:

Commerce and Industry invite visitors to their webiste for a virtual stroll through their business and sales rooms and encourage a site visit.

Towns and Municipalities will present their most important monuments, sites, and recreational facilities.

Hotels, Catering, and Tourism Industry will use virtual tours around their premises to present, in virtual reality, their services and significantly increase online bookings. Various studies and surveys have found that the use of virtual tours contribute an additional 46% to online bookings. The online booking industry now sees virtual tours as very important decision criteria for hotel deals.

Agents and Developers can finally present their property and projects to prospective customers. Providing them opportunity to save cost and time. Educational and cultural venues such as galleries, museums, theaters, universities, seminars, wellness and fitness facilities, amusement parks, water parks, etc., to increase their visitor numbers and revenues significantly through the unique visual presentation of their offers.

Architects and Planners present their work in premium quality and win new customers and clients.

Hospitality including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and other services for travelers and tourists.

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